Which Liverpool forward makes the most sense for your fantasy football team?

Daniel Sturridge dribbles past Jurgen Klopp manager of Liverpool during a Liverpool training session ahead of their UEFA Europa League round of 32 second leg match against FC Augsburg at Melwood Training Ground on February 24, 2016 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Ahead of Premier League Gameweek 27, the Analyst and Pundit are back to discuss one of the pressing issues of the game. Is Daniel Sturridge worth the gamble?


The Analyst:

Fantasy managers out there have been burned by before.

There are fewer players in fantasy football with such risk to differential reward as Daniel Sturridge. The striker roared back into our collective consciousness in Gameweek 26 with the opener against Villa but is he at the point of fitness where we can include him in our fantasy line-ups again?

For me, I think not.


The Pundit:

I heard Sturridge speaking ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League clash with Augsburg and he rightly hit out people – idiots in my opinion  – who’ve accused him of feigning injury or simply opting out of game-time for Liverpool this season.

To say a player doesn’t want to play is the biggest disrespect ever to any footballer and it’s astonishing. It’s very disappointing whoever was saying it – Daniel Sturridge

I think and I hope that Sturridge is over the worst of his injury troubles. If he stays fit and active I think he could really galvanise Liverpool into a late push up the table – into a more respectable position at least.

The difference between him starting up top for Liverpool last time out, over when the likes of Benteke or even Firmino have occupied the role was eye-opening. His movement and the way he can find space is something else. I think fantasy managers could do a lot worst than put him into their line-ups ahead of the Merseyside derby next week.

The Analyst:


You mentioned Firmino. I think if there’s any Liverpool players to put into your fantasy XI it’s him or his compatriot Coutinho. They both provided assists – one for Firmino, two for Coutinho – last week and Firmino in particular carries a serious threat as a fantasy option.

A midfielder in fantasy generally speaking, Firmino could yielded serious value from his time as the lone striker. He has after all scored five and created three assists in his last six Premier League outings. For a cheaper outlay, he’s almost certain to be more involved than Sturridge, who I suspect will play an hour at the maximum.

The Pundit:


I actually think Sturridge’s comeback is going to see a dry up of goals for the likes of Firmino. More than likely the Brazilian will be pushed out to the flanks as the England man regains the central role. In terms of goal-potential, Sturridge could benefit hugely, with Coutinho and now the more withdrawn Firmino providing a constant supply-line to the England international’s movement. It’s a trio made in heaven.

The Analyst:

There’s already one trio like the one you described and they ply their trade in Barcelona.

I just feel there’s far more value in utilising a Firmino or Coutinho as the relatively expensive midfield options while apportioning funds to a Vardy or Kane to grab the neccessary goals.

Daniel Sturridge needs a couple more consistent game under his belt before I can see him as trustworthy and effective fantasy selection.


The Pundit:

You mentioned risk and reward earlier on, if there’s any player who is one tailor made for Daily Fantasy it’s Daniel Sturridge.

If fantasy managers are likely to take as cautious an approach  as your suggesting, then there’s serious differential value lying with the Liverpool no. 15 for the rest of us.


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