Daily Fantasy NFL Preview: Week 13

daily fantasy nfl preview week 13 - nfl picks

That was another crazy weekend of football to add to all the crazy NFL storylines we’ve seen this year, but nothing was as crazy as the Bills and Jaguars game. There was dramatic plays, a fight and multiple players ejected. But the craziest thing of all is that the Bills won. The “trash” Josh Allen came out and threw it right back at that mouthpiece, Jalen Ramsey. It was nice to see really.

But let’s look ahead to week 13 where we finally have a full complement of games to pick from once more. No more byes. So let’s get at some PlayON Daily Fantasy NFL picks below.


Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs ($15.5M)

The reigning rushing title holder returns from a week off. Hunt is a three down back in the leagues highest scoring offense (or thereabouts). In the Chiefs last five games, he’s averaging 15.6 carries and 73.6 rush yards, plus 3.2 receptions for 41.4 air yards. He’s scored eight touchdowns in that times and surprisingly, five of them have been receiving scores. But this isn’t the exciting bit.

That part comes in his opponent. The Chiefs take on the Raiders in week 13, and their NFL worst rushing defense which allows over 150 yards on the ground every game. In their last five games, this defense has let Gus Edwards (23 carries and 118 yards), David Johnson (25-137), Melvin Gordon (18-93 plus 5 catches-72 yards-1 touchdown), Raheem Mostert (7-86-1), and Marlon Mack (25-132-2) to absolutely torch them. Hunt could be MASSIVE. If only Oakland had a decent linebacker to help them limit the run game. Hmmm….


Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens ($11.2M)

I’ll be the first two admit that Lamar Jackson hasn’t exactly burst onto the scene as a throwing quarterback. In his first two career starts, with Joe Flacco out injured, Jackson has very modest numbers of 27 completions from 44 attempts for 328 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. Not ideal, but Mike Vick didn’t wow the crowds with his passing prowess.

The main thing LJ has in his favour is his legs. In those same two starts, he has rushed for 190 yards and got into the endzone last week. Another thing is that his price is still relatively low thanks to his early season foray as a trick play specialist. He scored low and his price reflects that, although it has started creeping north. And finally, he’s got the opposition working in his favour too. The Falcons falls in the bottom third of the league for limiting quarterback rushing yards. All the boxes are being ticked for another strong LJ performance.

Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers ($12.1M)

I’m a Philip Rivers fan. He just goes about his business, gets the job done and is perennially under appreciated. The Chargers have an 8-3 record this year, but all you ever hear about is the Saints, Chiefs and Rams. He’s a touch more expensive than Jackson, but he’s still outside the top 10 most costly quarterbacks on the slate.

He has a nice matchup too, with the Steelers giving up some decent scores already this year. They’ve allowed seven quarterbacks to throw multiple touchdowns against them, and Rivers will be eight. He’s thrown at least two scores in every game of the season. He’ll also be without stud running back Melvin Gordon. He’s a nice safe option.

Also Consider:

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings ($12.1M) vs. Patriots, Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans ($12M) vs. Browns


Gus Edwards, Baltimore Ravens ($8.5M)

Every year we have some young kid burst on the scene down the stretch of the fantasy season. This year it appears to be Gus Edwards. In back to back weeks, Gus has broken the 100 yard barrier and scored in each game.

That being said, Edwards has faced two below par run defenses. Good news is, the Falcons are another one. They rank 25th in the NFL with 123 yards a week on the ground. Last week, Kamara and Ingram combined for 141 yards on them. Before that, Zeke had 121, Chubb – a crazy 176. I fully expect we’ll see Gus make his third straight 100 yarder. Get on the bus.

Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers ($12.1M)

Jones is a slightly higher price range of back, but every bit as worthwhile. The Packers have been leaning on Jones in the run game since his return and he’s basically rendered Jamaal Williams unusable.
Jones has racked up at least 14 total touches over the past five Packers games (rushing and receiving), at least 85 total yards and scored six touchdowns. So what better way to really capitalize on his form than plugging him in against the Arizona Cardinals, who are one of three sides allowing over 140 rush yards a week. The Packers need to win to stay alive and really should get up in this one early and ride the run game to victory.

Also Consider:

Phillip Lindsay, Denver Broncos ($11.1M) vs. Bengals, Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers ($7.3M) vs. Steelers


Adam Humphries, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($8.2M)

I’ve got a couple of nicely valued wide receivers for you this week, starting with a man who’s quietly gone about putting up very solid numbers. In his previous five games, Humphries has a lowest yardage total of 53 yards, which came on just two catches. He’s averaged six-plus targets, five-plus catches, 65 yards and scored four times.

DeSean Jackson is a possibility of missing this week with a hand injury, which would lead to more opportunities for Humphries. And against the Panthers, it’s likely to mean the Bucs are throwing a lot in order to keep in the game, as has been the case for them for the majority of the season. Jameis Winston has thrown at least 35 attempts in every game he has started this season, so there’s plenty of chances for all of his receivers to put up a good score.

Bruce Ellington, Detroit Lions ($6M)

Humphries may have the runs on the board lately, but Bruce Ellington of the Detroit Lions may just be the best value play of the week. Weighing in at right on $6M dollars, Ellington gets a huge uptick in opportunities as the Lions main receiving weapons now consist of Kenny Golladay, Theo Riddick and himself. Golden Tate was traded away and Marvin Jones is done for the year so Ellington has been thrust into the starting lineup following his trade to the club two weeks ago.

He’s had nine and seven targets respectively, catching six of them in each game. He’s had moderate success when it comes to yardage but the volume is there to suggest he’ll be a factor against the red-hot LA Rams. LA come into this game as 10 point favourites which suggests that the Lions will be throwing a lot.

Also Consider:

Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos ($8.1M) vs. Bengals, Brandin Cooks, Los Angeles Rams ($13M) vs. Lions


Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6.6M)

Brate has been gifted the number one tight end mantle for the Bucs following the news that OJ Howard has been placed on IR. He played his first game without Howard last weekend and failed to get a lot of production, catching only three balls. The positive here is that one of those was for a touchdown.
That’s likely to be his MO for the rest of this season. He’ll get a couple catches but most of those will be scoring opportunities. Which is perfect against the Panthers. They’re one of three teams who have allowed eight scores to the tight end spot this season. He won’t get a ton of yards but he’s a chance to make up for it in the endzone.

Eric Ebron, Indianapolis Colts ($9.6M)

Just like his tight end buddy above, Ebron is now the number one guy on his roster due to injury. He is averaging around 10 targets in the games that Jack Doyle has missed this year, who is now done for the season with a broken wrist.

He played last week and took five catches for 45 yards and two scores. Andrew Luck loves looking to his tight end as a safety net and it’s one he uses often. And his new favourite big man is nice and affordable for a guy who has score five touchdowns in his last two outings. Heck, three of those were again the Jags four weeks ago, and one of those was a rushing score. Luck will continue to get him points.

Also Consider:

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers ($8.3M) vs. Buccaneers, Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs ($13.5M) vs. Raiders


Indianapolis Colts ($5.1M)

It’s official. The Jags stink again. So much so that they just lost to the Bills. The Buffalo Bills. Of the 2018 variety. That results led to a bunch of favourable things happening for the Colts defense. Blake Bortles has been benched in favour of Cody Kessler (who is also pretty cheap mind you). Jacksonville fired their offensive coordinator. And Leonard Fournette has been suspended one game for his role in that little melee.

The Colts have forced 20 turnovers. One of only six teams to hit that mark to this point of the season. They should boost that against a very uncertain offensive unit.

Green Bay Packers ($6.5M)

This year’s version of the Green Bay Packers are awful. They just got smoked by their division, and fiercest, rivals in Minnesota. They’ve been getting toasted all year on the way to a 4-6-1 record. But despite all of this, Green Bay start this weekend as 14.5 point favourites. That’s how bad the Arizona Cardinals are at the moment.

Arizona ranks dead last in pass yards per game, rush yards (and obviously total yards), and last again in points per game. The rank equal third last in turnovers, committing 22 on the year, 15 interceptions and 7 lost fumbles. They have the least first down conversions of anyone in the NFL. Same goes for 3rd and 4th down conversions, succeeding on less than 30% of those combined. I could go on. It’s one of the worst all-round offences in the history of the league. So my theory is that Green Bay should go alright.

Also Consider:

Seattle Seahawks ($6M) vs. 49ers, Denver Broncos ($6.6M) vs. Bengals


Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns ($10.6M)

The Cleveland Browns are having a hugely successful year, for them. They rocketed up to a record of 4 win, 6 losses and a draw. Yes, same as those Packers I just mentioned above. And here’s the thing, they’ve been playing their best football since kicking Hue Jackson to the curb. Baker is starring. Chubb is beasting. But Landry is vanishing. Since they made the head coaching change, Landry has totaled just 11 catches for 102 yards and zero scores. He has become virtually non-existent in the new look offense. And guess who just traded for him in a dynasty league. This guy…

Making his job harder this week is a resurgent Houston Texans team. They’ve allowed just 236 passing yards a game this season, with that number declining in recent weeks thanks to some stellar play. And guess who just cut this D/ST in another dynasty league. Yep, me again. I give up.

That’s all for this weekend’s picks. Now be sure to head to the Games Lobby and get your lineups in to win a share of guaranteed cash prizes playing daily fantasy NFL at PlayON.

Good luck!