PlayON Gameweek 17: Player Comparison Preview

Adrian v Hugo Lloris

Both of these keepers rank in the upper echelons in terms of saves this season, with Adrian pipping Lloris by a single save. Unfortunately, leaky defences mean that despite their shot stopping ability both have conceded more goals than you care to see from a prospective fantasy football keeper.

Lloris, in particular, is conceding a goal every 69 minutes. This puts him in the top six in terms of goals conceded. There is no doubt he is a better player than that stat suggests, but a goalkeeper is only as good as their defence. Unless, of course, he is David De Gea.

However, both men have match ups that make them extremely appealing PlayON choices this week. Lloris, faces up against a Burnley side that has scored the second fewest amount of goals this year, while Adrian faces off against Leicester City, who have scored just four goals in their last eight outings.

Advantage: With Adrian coming in a million quid cheaper, we give him the edge.

Mauricio Isla v Aaron Cresswell

Neither defender has managed to generate many clean sheet bonuses this year, but both will have decent opportunities to do so this weekend. Like the aformentioned Adrian, Cresswell will go up against Burnley, while Isla faces a West Brom side that has been struggling a bit of late.

Isla is the more likely to generate individual points. He has a considerable edge in terms of tackles and interceptions, both of which score highly for defenders on PlayON. The only question is whether that leaky QPR defence will concede.

Advantage: Isla

Santi Cazorla v Christian Eriksen

Inserting one of these men into your line ups could be seen as chasing points after their superb performances last week. However, with both men in great form, it may be worth it nonetheless. Certainly, the PlayON community is throwing their full support behind Eriksen. The Dane is currently the most picked player of Gameweek 17, featuring in 60.8% of teams.

Surprisingly, their is little love for Cazorla. Despite a combination of great form (3 goals and an assist in four matches), and an enticing match-up against Liverpool, the Spaniard is featuring in just 5.7% of teams. This makes him a good option for people looking for differential picks.

Advantage: Eriksen

Robin van Persie v Wayne Rooney

It is rare we compare players from two sides, but given their respective prices this is a choice that many will have to make this weekend.

Both men are in sensational form, combining to score seven goals and three assists in their last four matches. Rooney has also scored 12 goals against Villa in his career, the most he has scored against any Premier League side.

Nonetheless, we think van Persie is the better option. He is guaranteed to lead the line whereas Rooney could play anywhere from up front to central midfield, particularly with Maraouane Fellaini set to miss the match due to illness. van Persie’s superior shots total is another factor as it shows he tends to get more scoring opportunities.

Advantage van Persie

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